We harvest bee venom only

at midnight; this is the time,

when bee's stomach is empty.

Characteristics of Bee Venom

A number of various experiments and tests of bee venom provided from different places of the world has proved the advantage of Georgian bee venom quality. This fact promoted popularization and protection of Georgian gray bee in Georgia. Bee venom, collected in different parts of Georgia is different in parameters. Since the Company has its own representatives and industries all over the country, any required parameters of the client are met.

Uniqueness of Georgian (Caucasian) bee venom powder

Uniqueness of our bee venom powder stands on the three singularities. First, it is absolutely unique flora of Georgia. Second, it is unique race of Caucasian (Georgian) Grey Bee, which has the longest among the honey bees proboscis (7.2 – 7.3 mm). And third, it is our unique method of harvesting bee venom at midnight only! Day time bees are busy with their works on various floras. All day long they are processing food in their stomach and if that period one tries to harvest venom from them, bees immediately vomit and pollute venom. Such venom always is of very low quality, in spite of its white color. Besides, daytime in the hives mostly stay little, young bees and their venom is too weak, with a very low activity and low quality. So, daytime in the hives are whether bees with full stomach with food, or young weak bees, and venom is not valuable of no one of them, at all! That’s why we harvest bee venom after midnight! This period bee’s stomach is empty, they are calm, rested and their venom is strong, with a high activity. So, during harvest we harm neither them, nor their venom. We are only company all over the world harvesting bee venom after midnight. It takes additional efforts and charges as well. But the results are really fantastic!

Technical Requirements for Bee Venom


Technical Specification
Loss made when dried, no more than %  (Max. %10)
Water insoluble substances no more than % 8
Total ash no more than % 2
Authenticity (hemolysis) (Max.480s)
Activity of phospholipase A2 IU/mg no less than 90
Activity of hyaluronidase m IU/mg no less than 70
Melittin -   no less than % 40

Rules for Obtaining Bee Venom

  • Bee venom can be obtained in portions. A portion equals to any quantity of bee venom,collected at the same time from the hives located in one area. Bee Venom Laboratory
  • We harvest bee venom only at midnight; this is the time, when bee’s stomach is empty. It is very important for getting pure, clean and high activity bee venom powder. This is one of the exclusive know-how of our company, among the methods we have of obtaining the best quality bee venom powder.
  • Bee venom should be sifted, weighed and treated mechanically and thermally in special boxes.

Packing, Transportation and Storage of Bee Venom

Bee venom is stored in 1gr to 100gr dark hermetic jars and bottles. Samples of 1gr to 5gr are stored in transparent, white or dark jars/bottles, as per request, and packed according to existed standards. Label should indicate the manufacturer’s address, trademark, name in Georgian and English languages, full certificate, net weight, registration number, storage lifetime and other parameters.

Manufacturer’s Guarantee

Bee Venom Lab LLC guarantee that terms of transportation and storage of bee venom are met. Guaranteed shelf life is 3 years from packing at temperature 0°C. Transportation should not exceed 10 days at a temperature up to +25°C.

Product Name BEE VENOM APIS MELLIFERA, DRIED BEE VENOM POWDER Hazards Identification: SPECIAL INDICATION OF HAZARDS TO HUMANS AND THE ENVIRONMENT Not hazardous according to Directive 67/548/EEC.   TOXICITY DATA LD50 – 2.8 mg/kg, very low LD50s.

Apitoxin and other synonyms of bee venom

“Apitoxin” is the synonym of bee venom and it is used mostly among the Spanish speaking people. It is more comfortable for them to use this term, because in Spanish language bee venom means “Apitoxina”. There are some more synonyms of bee venom, such as: bee stings venom, Apis mellifera venom, Apisinum, Apis Virus, Apis Venenum Purum.

Uses of bee venom

Our customers are producing gel, cream, balm, ointment, injectable solution and bee venom mask from our bee venom successfully! Also some of the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and nanotechnology companies are isolating very precious components from our bee venom powder, such as: melittin, Apamin, phospholipase A2, hyaluronidase and other components. A recent sensational discovery showed that the combined use of nano-particles and the bee venom melittin destroys HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and it is safe and effective!

Bee venom prices and bee venom suppliers

There are several suppliers of bee venom all over the world. Most of them are beekeepers offering bee venom powder without Certificate and HPLC.It is especially difficult to find any suppliers selling bee venom with HPLC analysis. There are two reasons for that:

  1. Mostly they are selling old harvested or not clean, wet bee venom powder, and if they make HPLC analysis, all the data, such as real amount of melittin, as well as amount other important components of bee venom, and exact date of conducted test is shown on the document printed by HPLC equipment right after testing. They cannot hide all these data and it is absolutely impossible for them to write wrong and boosted information in the test document.
  2. It is too expensive for most of the beekeepers or other suppliers to make HPLC analysis and laboratory test.

We have not such problem at all. It is because, we have our own HPLC (Chromatography) equipment and our professors and laboratory staff worked out a laboratory method of bee venom powder’s testing. So, when we are selling our bee venom, it is absolutely cleaned and well dried by laboratory method. It is fresh, with a high activity, always top quality and we have Certificate and HPLC analysis for each batch of bee venom powder we are offering to our permanent and new customers. Bee venom prices are also various, from $30.00 US (sometimes even much low) up to $300.00 US per grams! However, if the bee venom is of high quality, bee venom price can vary; it depends upon manufacturers expenses, cost of production, analysis price, packaging, and dealer’s commission and so on. Never treat bee venom quality according to bee venom price; because one can offer you very low quality bee venom at a very high price. Or you can purchase very high quality bee venom at a very competitive price, just the price we offer our customers.

Trust our experience and excellent product and gain success, time and money! Minimal order 30 grams.